Thursday, October 22, 2015

Mindtree interview questions

This round plays a vital role for the process. There are 3 sections(quantitative, logical and verbal). For clearing this test, R.S.AGARWAL BOOK is more than enough. Actually one more section based on C, Database and OOPS Conc
epts will be there in AMCAT but as per the company norms it has been not there. Timing is the important cause for this round. You can go next question only if u complete 1 question.
PART A -Quantitative Ability-25 Questions-35 Minutes
PART B -Logical Ability-24 Questions- 35 Minutes
PART C -Verbal Ability-18 Questions – 16 Minutes
Note as I said earlier, concentrate more on this round, because if you clear this round,you have almost done it.
This round is non-elimination round but your programs will be considered in HR round, if you does not perform there. There are 2 java programming questions and u need to type the program, compile and submit. Some hints will be on the screen. Time 1 hr.30 mins.
AMCAT Employement Test For Freshers
In this round, there will be one HR, face to face process. Only way to clear this round SPEAK SPEAK SPEAK. As I am from ECE, the interview is great going since there are no technical questions on programming concepts. It took around 20 min. They expect only our confidence level than our technical and communication skills. Let me share the conversation.
Me: Good Morning Sir.
HR: Good Morning Suresh. Take your seat.
Me: Thank you Sir.
HR: How do you feel now?
Me: I feel great Sir.
HR: OK Suresh tell about urself…
Me: I am Suresh Kumar from Chennai. Before introducing myself, I would like to thank my parents who left almost everything relatives ,house, native and migrated to Chennai for my career…Then I told about my native, schooling ,college, achievements, hobbies, strength, weakness.
HR: Tell me what college has done for you?
Me: Laughed and said nothing. But only thing I can say total freedom.
HR: Which is your favourite subject and why?
Me: Engineering Graphics. The reason why I liked is that it is completely practical oriented and makes us to understand easier. Even getting S grade is much easier if we understand the methods.
HR: Ok…what school has done for you?
Me:It has strengthen my base. My communication was developed after joining this school. It encouraged my cricketing skills and boosted my confidence level by appointing me as vice captain for my carstairs house team.
HR: On seeing my programming sheet, Do you know java?
Me: As I am ECE student, I am not familiar with that one…But I have been learning C#.Net for the past 3 months in a recognized institution.
HR: Let me ask a logical question. There are 2 threads…1 thread will burn in 1 hour…I don’t have a clock but I need to calculate 45 min…How? Take your time…
Me: Sir, we can fold 1 thread into half and other thread into one-fourth and burn. So that we can get 3o min+15 min.
HR: Oh fine. He asked me to say something about latest technologies.
Me: I said about Radio Pills-its principle, working, uses.
HR: Say about your mini project…
Me: I said something for two lines. Sir, I would like to say about my main project, because its my turning point in my life which made all staffs to look into our project. Said everything about my project, uses.
HR: Tell about your project experience…
Me: Sir, Actually we were 4 members. All 4 are different thinkers. We did it as a team work and co-ordination was extremely good. Said about our obstacles and overcomes of that. Explained about our processor and so on.
HR: Based on my area of interest,say something about Computer Networks.
Me: Explained about the seven OSI layers and protocols.
HR: You are ECE student, why can’t u get into core companies?
Me: Laughed and said,Sir to be frank this is my 32nd interview. I struggled and tried a lot but I did not lose my hope and moved with my positive attitude. The opportunity is given by Mindtree and I believe that it may bring my dreams coming true.
HR: Say something about Mindtree.
Me: Sir,Actually I don’t know much about Mindtree. Before 2 days,I searched in Google and from presentation I tell you something Sir…Said
HR: What are your short term and long term goals?
Me: My short term term goal is to start my career in a good reputed company like Mindtree and my long term goal is to become a cricketer.
HR: Ok.Fine. Would u like to say anything?
Me: Sir, as I am a fresher may I know something from your experience,i.e. in which areas I have to improve?
HR: Be what you are.
Me:Thank u Sir.

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