Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hello friends I am sharing My experience with TCS

Hello friends I am sharing My experience with TCS 
I belongs to a village in Rajasthan Also studied with Hindi medium in Govt. School so Obviously I don’t have Fluent English. 
I suggesting you never give up and accept challenge ever y time which life gives you in every moment. Always try to enhance your skills your knowledge and make a bundle of your skills it will help you to be confident. Don’t wait for many opportunities wait for a single opportunity. That was second interview in MNC I have attended first interview in CTS on 27th and I think result not declared yet.
First Round
In this round we have to write email minimum 50-70 words make sure use all phrases that has given .
If your email is right then they will evaluate next section otherwise not. In Aptitude Section there were 30 question I attended 19 que. With one * mark and I think all were right. Don’t go for negative. I got result on 25 feb cts and tcs both for clearing first round.
Technical Round(28 feb CMRIT college)
I am suggesting you to make simple resume as much as possible don’t mention extra things.
Prepare your project very well they will ask anything in this And you should know meaning of each word in your resume.
Tr- Tell me about yourself
Me- Told
Tr- you know c and java, tell me diff between C++ and java
Me – I explained all the differences
Tr-Difference b/w Compiler and Debugging
Me- Explained working of compiler and debugger
Tr-Tell me exception handling in C
Me- I told c does not follow exception handling and explained in java.
Tr- Explain malloc and calloc
Me- I Explained working of both.
Tr- What is constructor and destructor
Me- I explained constructor and destructor which is used in C++
Tr- What is friend function
Me- friend function is used in C++ but I am not well versed with C++ so I don’t know its working.
Tr- Said no problem difference b/w abstraction and encapsulation
Me- Explained both with detail.
Tr- Tell me about your project
Me- first I explained all the working the project and what technology we used in this like jsp servlet mysql etc.
Tr- How to connect mysql with database.
Me – I explained connectivity code
He asked some conceptual question in project like he asked to using FTP in project . I said no and explain why we don’t use it.
Tr-why you made this project and use of this project
Me- explained the uses
Tr- What is SQl
Me- I told simple definition.
Now Moving to MR round 
Mr hr sitting beside Tr hr and she was noticing my answer and I thing she was impressed with my answers.
Mr- Why are your not placed in your college.
Me – I told that last time when I attended tcs drive then my I think my email was not right so my apti section not evaluated and I had attended 25 question in apti I told my apti is good.
Mr- What do you know about tcs
Me – told about tcs 1968 to till.
Mr – Why should I hire you
Me – told that I am having unique set of skills people skills and tech. skills and I explained both skills that I have.
Mr- What’s your strengths
Me- Diligent, Methodical, Confident and explained all skills with example
Mr- Suppose you are tcs employer what will you do extra compare to others
Me – I told about my interest in programming since diploma and I would like to make my passion in programming and explained skills again.
Mr- What extra things which you have
Me – I am innovative and creative
Mr- What you have observed in Bangalore
Me- explained about city and said there much traffic.
Mr- What would you innovate to overcome traffic.
Me- I said to starting metro increasing flyover any how I convinced her.
HR Round:-
Hr- Tell me about your self 
Me- told
Hr- you have done SCJP certification What is it
Me – I explained about it.
Hr- What do you know about TCS
Me – Told
Hr- Who is the chairman of tata group
Me – I said that I know the name of chairman and md of TCS and told
She told me the chairman of tata group
Hr- Tell me about your home town
Me- Told about Alwar, Rajasthan
Hr- What is your weakness
Me- I told I am detail oriented and explained it
Hr- Give me an example of it
Me- I relate it with my final year project and explained how I overcoming id
Hr- Any queries
Me- Would you tell me training opportunities in Tcs
Hr- told about 3 month ILP training
So friend this is my all experience with TCS hope it will helpful for you. Again I am suggesting you don’t your time build your skills it makes you to be confident in TR and HR also and wait for a single opportunity. Opportunity does not come again……………………….
Thank you all group members ……

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