Thursday, March 3, 2016

Selenium interview notes


*Points To Remember

Developed by Selenium :- Jason Huggins in 2004 as an internal tool at ThoughtWorks.

Flavour of selenium
*SeleniumRC (Remote Control)
*Selenium webdriver Or Selenium2   
                                                          Stable release : 2.52.
                                                          Written in : Java
                                                          Operating system :Cross-platform
                                                          Type:  framework for web applications
                                                          Introduced By : Apache License 2.0
                                                          Website (Official site)

1.What is automation testing?
*It is systemic way to convert manual test case to automation test.
Automation testing involves use to a separate testing tool and doesn’t require any manual intervention.

2.What is selenium webdriver?
*Selenium webdriver is a collections of jar file.

3.What is jar file?
*Jar file is a collections of .class file.

4.What is webdriver?
*Webdriver is an interface.

5.Why we go for automation?

*For long term project having more regression cycle and application is stable, that's the reason behind we go for automation.

6.In interview, interviewer will ask to all of you, Draw selenium webdriver architecture?

*Architecture of selenium webdriver
Supported all programming language
                                                             Supported all browsers

Supported almost all OS
 Show this types of eg, its more impressive

7.What are the different types of locators in Selenium?

*CSS Selector


8.What is an Xpath?

XML stands for Extensible Markup Language and is used to store & organize  arbitrary data.Xpath is used to locate a web element based on its XML path.There are two types of xpath

9.Which is the latest selenium tool?

10. why selenium?

*Selenium is free and open source
*Supported all browsers like, Firefox, chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari etc.
*Supports multiple programming languages like, Java, C#, Ruby, Python, Pearl etc.
*has fresh and regular repository developments & powerfull Xpath
*It have a great platform compatibility, Windows, Mac OS, Linux etc. 

11.Diffrence btw /- & //- ??
/- it is used to find immediate child with absolute path.

//- it is used to find the entire structure with relative path


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