Sunday, November 1, 2015


Company: Misys Software Solutions
Salary: 6.0 Lpa
Branch: CSE, IT

Qualification: CGPA 7.0 and higher
Procedure :
a. Aptitude (20 questions) 20 mins
b. OOPs (10 questions) 10 mins
c. C/Java/C# (20 questions) 20 mins
d. DBMS (10 questions) 10 mins
Cutoff was around 30 I think, and I got 31
GDs(2 Rounds)
a. Technical : Topics like : Entity, Overloading vs Overriding
b. HR : Education system of BIT , Worst thing you’ve done in your life
a. Technical Interview : 2 programs were asked one from multi-threading and if I remember correctly an in-order traversal of trees. Some questions from OS and DBMS , String Manipulation and SQL queries
b. HR Interview : Why do you want to join misys ? What do you about the company? What other offers I had, and why was I leaving them. Lastly he told me to ask 5 questions.
Lastly for any company I would suggest - go in with a clear mind, do not get bogged down by the burden of placements. Once you step into the corporate world there are going to be ample opportunities. Be true to yourself, never expect more than the effort you give in, and you will not be disappointed. Get your concepts cleared , try to teach people what you’ve learned. Believe me once you’ve taught a topic a couple of times you will never forget it. Your CGPA will only help you clear the Minimum Eligibility, after that all that matters is how much you have actually understood the subject. Try to concentrate on (C/Java , OS , DBMS , Data Structures) not just in the 7th semesters but from the very beginning. Be clear on your final year project, but most importantly CHILL and RELAX, Campus placements are not the end or beginning… If you have it in you, you will surely do well.