Sunday, November 1, 2015

Company: Idea Device Technologies.


This mail is regarding job opening for Bangalore location.

Company: Idea Device Technologies.

Location: Bangalore

 Who We Are
We are building a new platform for automating DevOps in the age of Containers, Clouds and Microservices. With Calm, you can effortlessly deploy, manage and maintain distributed applications in private and public cloud environments. Supports Docker, VMs or binaries. Across any cloud or bare metal servers.

Incubated at IIM Bangalore in 2009 and funded by Sequoia Capital, a Silicon Valley based VC, Idea Device has its headquarters in Singapore and development offices in Bangalore, Mumbai, and San Francisco. Our automation solutions run in leading stock exchanges, global banks, startups and IT enterprises in this region.

 Why You Should Work With Us
At Idea Device, we encourage our teammates to pick each other’s brains while in the pursuit of developing top-class products. We set the stage for out-of-the-box thinking, and literally so. We run hackathons and geekfests over music, coffees, juices, beer, delectable lunches and snacks.

All the tidings of a high-energy startup environment are evident in our organization. We solve tough problems, sometimes make tough decisions, and work in a fast-paced environment where there’s no room for red tape.

We are also quite flexible with work policies. You can personalize, buy your own hardware, choose your own email address and, if you insist, even choose your own editor. Our office might appear whacky and even bohemian to most, but for us, it’s a sacred space that fosters astute and innovative thinking, and has a positive impact on productivity and inspiration. It’s not just a great product that we are building; we are also building a great company. We are a motley group of technology geeks who have found our calling within Idea Device, and are eagerly looking forward to inducting fresh talent into this eclectic bunch.

If you think you have it in you to nitpick, to hit the ground running, and to keep pace with an adrenalin-packed venture, talk to us. We might have an offer you can’t refuse!

Backend Engineering

Our backend engineering work is done mostly in Python, with some C and C#. Backend engineering involves what was traditionally described as "systems work"; we implement protocol clients/servers, work with message queues, code massively parallel systems, write async network code, develop graph walkers, worry about database performance and tackle cloud-scale problems.
We are hiring for Principal/Senior and Member of Technical Staff level positions.

Experience: 1-3 years

Desired Skills
You should have:
 Worked on Python and some C or C#
 Done "systems work” / worked at the POSIX layer
 Shipped production code
 Adequate work experience. Unfortunately, we do not have fresher-level positions open.
 Used Unix/Linux on a daily basis
 Prior experience contributing to open-source projects; a big plus.
 Written public-domain code. Show us some of your public domain code; Again, a big plus

Please do respond if you are interested for this position.

Thanks & Regards,

Ashwini India Pvt Ltd

Telephone: 8904826559/8049325610

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