Friday, October 30, 2015

Success story of Sunil Guragol.

Hi guys Feeling very happy got placed today after a 3 months
lists of companies that i have attended interview
Ust global -1st round out
ECI telecommunication-technical out
SAP labs-Technical out(but partiality in technical round)
HP- (HR round)-but no results announced)
WebMobi-Hr round out
global edge(no results annouced coz our batch was last vaccanices were over)
Bristlecone twice attended-First round out
Syntell-Still results are not displayed
Isro-Not selected
Akamai-1st round out.
Eurofins-But not went coz some other company was on same day
And Few more But not gettng remembered.
And finally placed in Iron mountain
Guys please never GiveUp and always keep hope.i think life leads on hope so never give up.
i always used to come and see the answers after every failure..
Thanks Mra group(Abhishek lodhi sir ) and my dear friends for supporting And special thanks goes to my parents and my bro he was always with me...

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