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‪#‎IGATE_Fresh_Placement_Paper‬ must prepare

‪#‎IGATE_Fresh_Placement_Paper‬ must prepare frm
Hi, I attended the iGATE pool campus drive at CMR College. The crowd was nearly 1000. The selection process for iGATE was quite easier.
It has three rounds.
1. Written test (offline).
2. Technical Interview.
3. HR interview.
The process started with presentation by HR at 9 am there after immediately conducted written test. The aptitude was easy but be careful with cut-off as it may be 40-43. For us, they didn't revealed the cut-off.
The aptitude test has 50 questions with 60 minutes time. To clear aptitude test, time management is must. If you can manage your time well then you will definitely clear this round. And the important thing is that we have to bubble the answers in OMR sheet. So, be careful with your answers.
(To clear aptitude test, IndiaBix is enough. Try to solve all the problems for every topic given below).
In aptitude test, there were 3 sections:
1) English (20).
2) Quants (15).
3) Reasoning (15).
->Passage - 5.
->Synonyms & Antonyms - 3.
->Tenses - 3.
->Articles - 3.
->Choosing Correct sentence - 3.
->Fill in the blanks.
Questions will be moderate.
->Ages - 3.
->Permutations & combinations - 1.
->Probability - 1.
->Time & work - 2.
->Time & distance - 2.
->Partnership - 1.
->Profit & loss - 1.
->S.I & C.I - 1.
->Ratios and proportions.
->Allegations & mixtures.
->Pipes & cisterns - 1.
These topics are enough. Questions will be very easy like level-1 questions.
->Puzzle test - 5.
->Coding & decoding - 3.
->Number series - 2.
->Figure series - 2.
->Syllogisms - 2.
->Blood relations.
Be careful with puzzle test. It will be easy but has some logic.
They took 1 hr to announce the results and out of 1000, 180 cleared the written test. I was one among them.
Mass elimination has done in 1st round itself. Trust me, after clearing first round it would be a cakewalk for us to get placed. After that the selected candidates were given a form to fill it in. Thereafter, we had a Technical Interview.
2) Technical Interview:
In technical interview, they mainly concentrated on academic project. So, be clear with your project like modules, architecture, and technologies used. And be confident on C, Java and DBMS concepts. It is enough to clear the technical interview.
Whatever you say, say with confidence even if it is wrong also. After technical interview, simultaneously there will be HR interview as there will be no elimination after technical interview. But the elimination will be done after HR interview.
3) HR Interview:
HR interview was cool and to clear this round just be confident. Don't try to bluff them, you will be caught easily.
Just be frank and confident. The main barrier to get selected is to clear the 1st round thereafter depends on your attitude and your confidence.
Finally after a week the results were out. And out of 180, 160 were selected. Luckily, I was one of them.
One more thing, as Capgemini acquired iGATE so if you get placed then you will be working for Capgemini from 2016.
‪#‎IGATE‬ written pattern yoo can check here

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