Monday, June 6, 2016


Those who are going for TESSOLVE SEMICONDUCTOR:
Date of interview :11th June 2016
First round was technical aptitude..
contain around 27 questions from digital electronics,networks basics questions,one question from c,opamp 4 questions,
one question from ADC (SIMPLE),Analog electronics one simple BJT Question
Overall first round contain all basic question from ece subjects.
2. ROUND was technical interview .
they ask me about the project.and ask question from first round technical question paper how you solve.
3.ROUND was again technical interview.
ask basic question about the inductor ,capacitor,Impedance ,POWER,VOLTAGE,CURRENT .
4.ROUND was HR-->asked about family ,family background etc............. shared by candidate who attended already......
There will be 4 rounds:
1) Written (Most were technical,few sentence correction)
Note: next two interviews are based on your answers for the above.
2)Technical Round 1 (Interviewer(s) will take few Questions from above and ask you to explain how you solved it)
3)Technical Round 2 (Same as above but a bit more difficult,may involve questions you couldn't answer)
4)HR round

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  1. Thanks a lot man for HTET notification issued by HBSE. BSEH will host Haryana TET aka HTET this year in February. I will be taking part in Haryana TET HTET this year with the help from this HTET Study material you provided.

  2. It’s so difficult! It is the same right moment when I litteraly can’t understand nothing you wrote up there. I think this job is only for tough guys. If only I knew higher mathematics and other stuff I could apply for this job. But in my case I can only work for, if they take me.

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