Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Hello Guys,

Today we are going to start our "Frequently Asked Questions and Answers"  session. In which you guys comment your questions in below mentioned comments section and we will reply to all your queries through you-tube  videos and also directly in comment section. So you can asked any types of questions link below mention :

1) I’ve never looked for a job before.  How do I get started?

2) I’ve been looking for a job but am not getting any interviews or offers. What should I do differently?

3) Where can I find the fastest-growing and highest-paying occupations?

4) How long should I make my cover letter and/or resume?

5) What are the most important things to include in my resume?
6) Should I apply for a job even if I don’t have the specified experience?
7) How should I address a hiring manager whose name I can’t find?
8) Where is the best place to find a job?
9) which consultancy is good ?
10) How i can get job easily ?


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