Monday, April 11, 2016

CGI is hiring please guys apply fast

#‎CGI‬ | 2.75 lakhs | 2014/15 batch.
CGI a Multinational headquartered in Montreal, Canada with presence in 40 countries and 71,000 employees is hiring in large numbers for immediate joining.
CGI acquired LogicaCMG three years back, an almost equal size company at that time, headquartered out of UK.
Why CGI:
In 2013-14 CGI reported the revenue of $9.0 billion USD with just 68,000 employee versus TCS revenue was $13.4 billion USD at 3,00,000 employee strength (with 4.4 times the strength of CGI it could only do 1.6 times the revenue)
Fast track your career
100+ openings
Immediate joining

To Apply:

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