Saturday, February 20, 2016

Success story of one more jobseekers: Ashok Vishwakarma

so finally my job hunt is over on 2nd feb. I got placed in siemens
technology and service private limited and have joined so I would like to share my job hunt experience so that the people who are searching for job they might get help from this post .I don't have 60 throughout so I was not getting much opportunity but I appeared in hexaware but got rejected in my college. I came in Bangalore on 17 july with lots of hope then I started searching for job but there was another problem I was facing becoz I was not good in programming languages like c,c++,data structure,java etc.Then I had decided to learn all these languages through tutorials,books etc. Then I got to know about mra page in fb and joined it.i was getting information about walkins but many companies asking for 60 throughout so I won't able to attend then one of my senior told me make 60 throughout in ur resume attend it. i did the same and really I was getting entry so by doing that I attended many startups but not able to cleared technical round inspite of good knowledge in java,c,ds,c++.Then I got cleared written test of Syntel that had happened in college and I went for further round in indore but got rejected from there too I was demotivated and come back to Bangalore I started working hard and I lost my hope for mnc.
I was preparing for startups but they were not selecting me becoz I had not done any projects related to java or c.But I kept trying and I got call letter for siemens from one of my friend he told me siemens asking for 70% in B.E. only that I had. So I went there first round was apti which contained 3 sections di,verbal,non verbal. I cleared that then I went for tr,mr,hr and finally got offer guys the purpose of this post to encourage those people who don't have 60 throughout just do not give up just work hard becoz one day u will get opportunity as I got u don't have to misss be prepared who r coming to Bangalore for searching job I would like to recommend to join mra job seeker page in fb it will help u to get job.I really wanted to thankx everyone who believed in me and kept motivating me to do something different my family members apart from family there is some good friends whom without I couldn't survive in Bangalore they helped me in every aspects wheather it is financially or motivationally they helped me every time so I really like to say thankx for supporting me. Please believe in yourself u can do anything be confident never loose hope there is always something better is waiting for you and if I can do then any one can doo jo hota hai ache ke liye hota hai it proved. I hope this post will help u encourage u jst forget all the failure keep focussing on ur target u'll definitely have it.....
thankx Abhishek lodhi sir for doing really good job and all mra members.specially to my friends tahnkuuu

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