Sunday, February 21, 2016


 Company :- Aspire Systems

How webdriver works??
Y selenium webdriver??
How to execute failed testcases in selenium??
How to handle browser popups??
Write the format of XML file for BATCH EXICUTION?
How did you verify that given number on webpage in sorted order ?
Write a Flipcart login  code using page factory ?
Can you write a build.Xml??
give the some diagram write a scrpt??
Real scenario questions??
Wat s Maven (bit in depth)??
Login flipcart, search any product, add some product cart, nd shop online using with hybrid framework?
Wat is collection and dif types.
Dif between sets and lists??
Duplicate element??
Asked some difficlut java programs nd logics??
Can we use Xpath for Opera browser?
Project expntn??
what r roles and responsibilities in ur current project?
assert vs verify?
how to count no of alert in ui?




Arhaan Hashmi

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