Monday, February 15, 2016


what is manual testing?? how many types of testing! explain??
what is sdlc??
What is the difference between STLC (  Software Testing Life Cycle) and SDLC ( Software Development Life  Cycle) ?
What is black box testing?
What is a V-Model?
What is Alpha testing? diff btw alpha & beta testing??
What is exploratory testing?
What is "use case testing"?
What is traceability matrix?
What is the difference between static and dynamic testing?
What is verification and validation?
What is the difference between UAT (User Acceptance Testing) and System testing?
Explain what is Test Plan ?
what are stubs and drivers?
What’s Ad Hoc Testing ?
What is Performance Testing ?
What is Smoke Testing ?
What is Soak Testing ?

(1) Pen
(2) ATM Machine
(3) elevator

write the testcases & scenario of Gmail

Arhaan Hashmi

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