Tuesday, February 23, 2016



The interview rounds are
2.Group Discussion
3.Technical Round
4. HR

1.Aptitude test - This round is not so easy. Aptitude questions are mainly based on depth of mathematics and number of logical questions are more.
  So prepared logical part also from any standard book (Arun Sharma).
I have selected for the second round.
2. Programming - This part is easy for me as well as tough who does not know the proper programming logic.
­At first I read the questions very carefully and try to understand the meaning properly.
There are mainly two questions. First I answered second question and attempted the second question.
 I enjoy this test.
Finally selected for the 3rd and final round.
3. Technical and HR - They mainly watched my technical skill. My interview was going on 3:1. This was my first interview that I have ever faced first time. Initially, they asked me the question like self intro, hobby, then in technical, asked me to describe the project whatever I have don in my academic career. I tell them. I really enjoy that session. Even I did not nervous. They helped me a lot when I am stuck in one point. I didn't give the answer properly of every question but I tried to understand the answer what I know actually and they asked questions from basic level but in depth. H.R questions are very minimal.
So, after this round, finally selected and I'm very happy for clearing all the round.

All the best. Believe in yourself and if you are passionate about your career and know the programming style, then obviously you can crack the interview.

Tell me abt yourself???
based on basic c and HTML 
TECHNICAL -subject which mentioned in cv,final year project,training topics
Basic question of java and object oriented language and also DBMS, C


Arhaan Hashmi

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