Tuesday, December 29, 2015

One more Success story of Job seeker, Congrts Shubham Singh for your bright future

After a long journey of fight in one's life, that a men can have to make
or start his fortune, I Finally got enrolled with TCS.
Of course i am feeling good after this long breathtaking attempts made in
Bangalore, but I would really like to thank all those who helped me in some way or other in this journey. Special thanks to Purushottam KumarVikash GuptaSaurabh Poddar and all my friends. Specially I like to thank‪#‎Abhishek‬ Sir and their group for their unremarkable social page MRA which is the proof of the best positive use of social media which is more than a non-profitable organization.
Thanks you to My Parents and God for making it possible for me....!!

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