Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Hi All,
Whoever has got the interview call from Huawei, check the below links for placement papers n pattern.
Pattern:: there will be total 4 rounds (sometimes 5 rounds-> written + tech1 + tech2 +MR + HR)
1st). Written test: >>
Total paper is divided into 2 sections
a. Aptitude reasoning.
b. Either C or Java language.(Have chosen C Language)
Topics:- aptitude>>manily focus on-Time distance,Time work, pipes &cistern, Probability,Number system
But see all the topics from RS Agarwal.Some direct questions are there.
Reasoning>> sitting arrangement, blood relation, one puzzle from indiabix , 1 or 2 question from Arithmetic reasoning
C >> clear your basics and pointer concept & kanetkar (test ur c skills) for c objectives.
2nd). Technical 1 :>>
Basics of C, pointers, functions, Data structures etc.
Example- implement stack and queues, to delete a node from last node in single transverse, Objective regarding pointers.
3rd). Technical 2 :>>
Question Regarding recursion (easy), pointers, projects, n from resume.
Ex:- String based program(easy)….
Pcm(complete block diagram explanation)
Hpf, lpf
Nyquist theorem
In each round they asked these things too
· 1>Introduction
· 2>Why u want to join huawei?
· 3>Do u know what is contract position?
· 4>Tell something about huawei… what we are … what we do….
· 5>Puzzles… are imp for every round…
4th). Managerial Round:>>
With Project manager
Self introduction, C programs: Reverse the linked list using recursion and Pattern program, C questions: macros, memory management, fragmentation, pointers, OS, n++ and n+1 which is faster in execution? and some more questions. What is mobile communication? Explain any concept with practical example. What is capacitor , resistor , inductor, MUX and DEMUX? Finally do u have any questions ?
Self introduction, about my final year project, what is quality? What writing pen should have as a quality ?, what is Linux?, will .exe file execute in linux?, Layers of OSI reference model, if 2 computers are connected through wires how can they communicate?, and puzzle (if 2 candles take 2 hours to melt completely. What is the minimum time and maximum time can we calculate?) what is VPN? What is GSM? And few more questions.
5th) HR round :>>
HR was very cool. He introduced himself and asked my brief self introduction and questions from my strengths (should explain with any situation). How do u spend your weekdays? Why Huawei? What do u know about Huawei? What are all the products? How long will you work in my company? What is your aim? (this round went like a conversation. Say the truth about yourself because he can grasp easily if we lie)

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