Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Webyog Interview Question

Webyog Interview Question

1)  117    
1)  Why would you like to work here rather than at a big
The 1st round was written exam which contain written exam. There were three section 1 have 3 aptitude question, 2 have subjective question related data structure,3 section consist of 6 question out of which 2 are simple and 4 question are tough and related to SQL , Javascript and C C++.
Interview Questions
  • 2) Javascript program to validate email id of a user. 

i went through Elitmus ,pH test so firstly there was a technical test followed by several rounds of interview i e... technical and HR interview.Overall the process took 7-10 days as the interview was only for the shortlisted candidates.
Interview Questions
  • 3) why should we hire you ?  

4) 4)    

Write a program to mutiply 2 no. Widout using *



count=0; public static int Multiply(int num1,int num2,int count) { if(count!=num2) return num1+Multiply(num1,num2,++count); return 0; }

5) To traverse a matrix spirally  

7) writing c programs with pointers  
8) Questions to write a program to print the proper subsets of a set 

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