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Those who are going for CGI :

Those who are going for CGI :
CGI recent paper1st round -Aptitude2nd round -GD3rd round-Technical4th round-short HR+Technical5th round- HRIn 1st technical they asked aboutmy .net final yr project..along withweb form coading means how tocreate connection wid database nalll type of SQL try to telall d things which u knw vry wellfrom ur 1st technicalduration was 45 min..quite long ascompare to other2-) what is the use of web configpage.?3-)OOps concept(Abstraction ,polymorphism,inheritance,enca psulation)so prepare wid example...n deyasked to me..give real time eg: ofAbstaction?????4) How to Implement interfacein .net??5) what is the use of abstractclass??6)write the program of methodoverloading??7) Diff b/w method overloading noverriding??8) what r the types of accessmodifier ???2 nd technical:-1-)they asked dat how to host webapplication ..n sm SQL queriesagain..2)write the Procedure n How tocreate View in PLSQL3) Wt is d diff b/w desktopapplication n web application n sm3-4 ques..which i forget..shortintro n basic things ..only 30-35min.4)How to find second highestsalary of Employee in SQL.5)what is Sub quries???A train running at the speed of 60km/hr crosses a pole in 9 seconds.What is the length ofthe train?puzzle- six person, six profession,six instruments(eac h person playsa single instrumnt).... very easily this puzzled can besolved..- 5 questionsanother puzzle.. 3 questions.. itsthe easiest puzzle...more 5 quanti questns.. all r easyxcpt one..englsh is bit paragraph will be given.. 4sentences will be missing withinthe paragraph. optionsr given below.. u need to put thecorrect sentence on correct of the english questns: eachquestn has separate paragraph.. sothis part is very timeconsuming..1st solve two puzzles thn quantipart.. & at the end go for english.. itwill be helpful tomanage time..********* this is the pattern ofapti questn that CGIfollows*******‪#‎GD1‬.corruption in networking3.electronic media vs news paper4.traffic in bangalorethis round is not so tough.. beconfident.. they will select u.. out of10 candidate theychoose 7-8.. so no need to taketension.‪#‎TECH1‬:this the most most importnt roundi think.. u have to face 30-50questn(avg).. prepareur projct very well.. most of thequestn will be asked from project..some basic technical questnswill be asked.. so answerconfidently all questns..‪#‎TECH2‬:if u can clear tech1 thn ur chnce is95%.. most of the time this roundis non-rejection round..some tough technical questn willbe asked.. try to answr properly..this round will be taken bymanagers.. so be careful when u rspeaking..‪#‎HR‬:this is formal..why CGI?location?who reffered u?family background....1st round is written test on aptiand english 25 questions 30 min itsomewhat difficult manage thetime well2nd round gd for my batch hegives the topic and ask all thepeople to talk about it for 2minutes3rd round is 1st technical i wentfor java he asks me about basicsquestions on java... and basicprograms like pallendrome largestof three nos4th round is 2nd technical he askssome deep question in this roundsee the topics of collectionsprogram for add retrieve theelements...5th round is hr it just a formalityround if u clear the 4th one u ralmost selected..they will send u the offer letter inone weekall the best for all who r attendingfor the interview..Plsql cgiFor pl/sql guys... these kind ofquestions i hv faced 2day in cgi inboth technical rounds...1. what is %type and %rowtype?2. There is a 'student' table withattributes like Name and age ... youhv to create one cursorand write a pl/sql program codefor dat table using %type and %rowtype 3.what is storedprocedure?what is anonymous block?4. what is d difference b/wfunction and procedure?5.what kind of security u hv usedin your oracle 10g project?6. sql query for 2nd/3rd highestsalary7.write a c program for primenumber?8. what is trigger and give oneexample throgh a pl/sql programcode?9.How many different database uknow10. sql query for delete duplicaterecord from a table 10.2 puzzles11. what is 2nd normal form?11. HR also asked me two puzzlesalsothose who r going for CGI.CGI PROCESS1> Written:There were 25 Questions u have tosolve in 30 mins,12 is cut off!I>1 to 5 English grammerquestions like verb,tenses etcII>5to10 Pragraph u have to relatethe words.III>10 to 20 aptitudea>profit & lossb>time & workc>averaged>agese>Boolean etcIV>20 to 25 relationship questionsmay be in the form of paragraphor charts.2>Group Decision :a>social networking site good orbad.b>newspaperc>Delhi rape caseI knw only these topics.Its not debate kind of but everyone gets time to speek about it.3>Techical 1 followed bytechnical2 questions depend on urprofile.Go prepared for technical.I was interviewed for Testing:Types of testing.White box testingGrey box testingRegression testingTest case templateTest case for water bottle,pen.etc4>HR:Its just formality roundBrief intro, go through aboutCGI,why CGI,generalquestions,hobbi es..point to remember-1. make sure u have originalcertificate(mea n duplicate b ho touska original printout.)2.attempt all the ques coz nonegative marking , make sure 12out of 25 r correct.3. in GD, they will give a simpletopic so speak whatever u canspeak, coz if u will not speakand hesitate they they will simplyreject you.
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