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MAQ Written : Application Details

MAQ Written :

Application Details

I applied through college or university. The process took a day –interviewed at MAQ Software.
Interview Details
5 rounds in total.
Technical written test and algorithm test followed by three technical rounds and ended up with hr interview.

1. In written test they covered Aptitude,English,Technical questions with 2 algorithms in algorithm test as..traversing matrix in spiral order and code for snakes and ladders game.
-they did not considered algorithm test for short-listing from written test.

2. In all the three technical rounds they asked about both the algorithms given in algorithm test, Sorting algorithms,SQL queries,joins,Sample c-codes and few logical questions, OS, academic projects undertaken by us.Covered almost every subject that we had in our academics.Be thorough with all the basics and be aware of what you have done in your projects.

3. HR interview happened like a general discussion of higher studies, family background and few logical questions.

2> 1st Round
1.1 First prepare C language --> They will concentrate on
arrays, function and pointers, call by reference and call by
value (30 question) + Aptitude Question from R S Aggarwaal
(20 question)
(50 question 1 hour)
1.2 In Algorithm they will ask two algorithm 45 min.....
just right the logic of it 
1--> If few people are electing then every time ur candidate
should win
2--> arrange books in box, if box carry weight == books
weight then take another box..... find the no of box required.
(2 Algorithm 45 minutes)

2nd Round – Two Technical Interview
IN interview one sql query(find employee name whose sal is
b/w 5k and 10k and arrange in ascending order by name), one
question on c like (prime no b/w 50, fibnocci, find the
addition of digit like 456 then u should find 4+5+6 value
etc) one reasonong question(no of square in chess board).
HTML (registration form). (In interview u can write code in
java instead of c)
(prepare on redundancy, joins , ACID property, JDBC connection)
both interview will consist same type of question.
(they will see ur confidence level)

3rd Round
IN HR( Tell abt urself ... why u want to join MAQ, What
special qualities u have?, How many hours u can work? what u
did after B.Tech.) 


Application Details
interviewed at MAQ Software in December 2014.
Interview Details
Entire process contains,
1.Aptitude test
2.programming test
3.1st technical interview
4.Second Technical interview
5.HR round

Be prepare for Aptitude test,because it is one of the toughest round .we hv to solve 30 questions in 30 min.

programming test was very easy,We have to run 3 program in 30 min.
u should run atleast 2 program,but try to run 3 program

programs were easy for eg.factorial,Prime number,conditional operator,display semicolon without using semicolon in ur program,display 1-100 numbers without using loops i.e. no for or while not even goto,add two numbers without using + operator

My first technical was based on basics of c,oops,database,and academic project.
important Q: malloc- calloc,oops concepts(Abstraction ,polymorphism etc with real time eg.),
Database keys,Acid properties,Diff between Truncate an drop.

Second technical interview
he asked me to write programs for fibbonacci,Addition of two numbers without using 3rd variable,linked list.

But most of the questions were from project.

i didnt clear second technical,,

Best of luck guys...!
First Written round (Aptitude+Logical for 30 minutes (30 questions), then Algorithm test for 30 minutes (2 problems)) 
Based on the written test, shortlisted candidates got called for further evaluation.
The second round was the technical interview, over skype.
Interview Questions
• Written Algo:
1. Return the longest possible word from the English dictionary by combining symbols of the Periodic Table.
Constraint - Symbols containing 2 characters cannot be broken & used independently. E.g. - Sodium's symbol Na cannot be broken into N & a, you have to use Na together.

2. There are 8 cubicles in a room. In each cubicle, there are 8 computers.
There are a total of 60 members.
Constraint#1 - A team can contain a minimum of 2 members and a maximum of 6 members.
Constraint#2 - In every cubicle, not more than 1 computer can be unallocated.
Constraint#3 - All team members of a team must be in the same cubicle.

Skype technical interview questions:
What is recursion?
Which data structure is used to implement recursion?
How would you display the unique elements of a list containing repeated elements?
Plus, there were questions from database management system. Answer Question

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