Tuesday, October 20, 2015

‪#‎Life‬ in ‪#‎Bangalore‬ for ‪#‎job_struggle‬ is worth living?...

Day by day i am getting lot of messages from guys, that they are getting frustrated day by day to searching a job.
So i just wanted to let you know that don't even think like this, just be cool and ‪#‎Read_The_Whole_Story_of_Struggling_Life‬.
-> Infect you can prepare your self for bearing mental pressure and can learn new things here.
-> Remember that its not just the struggle its the first interaction with hard reality we savour our four years in college carelessly and sometimes we make mistakes accept the fact that its just a wake up call for you...
*1-> Bangalore is very happening city so you can have struggle and fun at same time. You can interact with lot of people and learn from them.
*2-> Don't just sit at home go outside and explore as much as you can. One of the biggest problem I have ever seen in people is there ‪#‎ego‬ and‪#‎fear‬.They will not go to the walk-ins until they get a call, I mean what is wrong in going and trying there if companies are not allowing then its fine but at least try. Just Dissolve your ego and hesitation and move ahead try hard go as many places you can go for a job.
*3-> Another problem is that people go there but don't learn anything new or not work on their skills they just wait for opportunity Please don't do that mistake In whatever field you want to go prepare for that.
*4-> Don't believe on luck there are only 1 people in 100 who are lucky but another 99 are hard working. So do hard work don't feel frustrated if someone get job who you assume is less qualified than you leave that thought at that very moment and just do your work and one day you will also get a chance.
*5-> In struggle you will be free for sometime but don't get frustrated and sometime you will regret if you have missed an opportunity so keep yourself busy as much as you can like you can read new books,read good stuff on internet or do a part time job and make sure that you are trying hard.
*6-> Last but most important Only a job seeker can feel that, sometime you will say that I wish I would be there today like this guy but don't lose yourself and don't let negative thoughts to squander in your mind
Be motivated and Believe in your self.
Finally for those who are from 15 batch, 14, 13 etc etc, whatever it is does't matter for a smart worker...
So one thing i just want to convey to you all that is do smart work not hard work...
For 2015 ‪#‎Batch‬-> Lot of MNCs will come so no need to worry, just do prep well your tech skills as well as Apti too.
Try to appear ‪#‎Amcat‬‪#‎Elitmus‬ asap. like emoticon
For 2014 batch-> Time is not up yet, so do start smart work. and try to get more opportunities..
"Mind it you are everything in yourself, so just keep pack with yourself, you can do every thing in your life, whatever you never did, & never try to regret anything, coz today is for others and tomorrow will be yours...
All the best!!!...
In case if Any help needed ?... -> Ping to our ‪#‎Admin_Team‬, then only we will come to know your's exact problem.
Keep it in your remembrance one day will be your's. So just wait for your turn and do smart work as well. smile emoticon smile emoticon smile emoticon
Thank You!.

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