Thursday, October 29, 2015

‪#‎HP‬ R&D Interview Placement Paper & Pattern

‪#‎HP‬ R&D Interview Placement Paper & Pattern
Profile :- r&d ( RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT)
Company :- #HP
Hello Everyone,
I attended the HP drive held at Banasthali University. The overall process is not so difficult. You need to be very clear with the basics and just be confident. The process went as follows:
First round :
An aptitude and technical online test in which first 20 questions are of aptitude, questions are difficult and you need to have a good practice before appearing. Also time management plays a very crucial role in this.
Also the next 22 questions were of technical which include questions from networking, data structure, C/C++, operating system. You need to have a good command of the basics for clearing this round. In last 8 questions a choice is given between C++/Java. I attempted C++ in which all questions of output are there.
1 hr 15 min was allotted for the entire test.
Out of 145 students who appeared only 14 went to the next round.
Next rounds:
Then there were 3 rounds of interview.
I interview - The complete interview was about the project. Have a good command of all the projects that you have undertaken till date and then be ready with lots of questions.
II interview - This was just a simple HR with little bit of technical aspects. For this round you should know everything that's written in your resume.
HR Interview - Out of all the students appeared, only 5 were able to make up to this round. This was a complete HR round, starting with the most stereotype question : "Tell me something about yourself" to some questions about my hobbies, Why you wish to join our company and so on.
Finally, all those who made it to the final HR Round were selected.
Arhaan Hashmi

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