Thursday, October 22, 2015

HappyestMind & Ness_Pacement Paper & And Pattern

HappyestMind & Ness
1.Write the syntax of drop down
2.What is WebDriver-Java interface
3.What is the current Version of Selenium WebDriver
4.How to get the text value from text box
5.StrinG x="ABC";
  String x="ab"; does it create two objects?
6.write a program to compare the strings
7.Class a
class b extends a
A a= new A();
B b=new B();
A a= new B();
B a=new A();
Which is valid and invalid?
8. How to handle different type of pop up. (Wnidow, Alerts, Invisible popup)
9. How to handle DropDown menu
10. How to handle SSL certificate
11.How to handle Google search text.
12. How to handle dynamic text box which contains the 3 numbers, get
the number and add the three numbers and add it other text box.
13.How to handle Ajax Objects
8.Explain webdriver architecture
9.Explain File downloading
10.Explain File attachments other that Auto IT
11.Write the syntax for finding the row count in dynamic web table
12.Differnece between class and Interface
13. What type of class is the string class
14.WHAT are the different methods that are used along with Xpath
15.Explain Interface
16 Explain Abstract
17.What is selenium grid
18 what is selenium RC
19.Why is key word driven frame work only chosen,
1. How to handle dynamic object.
2. How to work with button which is in div tag and u have to click
without using Xpath
3. JVM is dependent or independent platform many Test script you write in day
5. Describe your framework
6. How to parameterize your Junit to handle ssl security
8. How to handle window pops
9. diffnct between implicit and explicit
10.what are the types of assertion and what are assertion in junit
11.How to handle ssl certificate
12.What is dom concept
13.What is the challenges u have faced during Automation
14What is generics
15.What is synchronization
1.JVM is dependent or independent platform
2.diffn bw hash map and hash set, set and linkedlist, arraylist and
vector list , linkedhash set and hashset
3.abstract and interface
4.throw and throws to split
6.checked and unchecked exception to work with Ajax application
8.why string is immutable
9.wat is the return type of getWindowHandles();
10.what are the types of assertion and what are assertion in java
11.differnce between interface and Abstract classes
12.What is static variable
13.what is volatile
14. What is transient
15.what is the difference between Final, Finalize and finally
16.what is the difference between Public, private and protected

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