Tuesday, October 27, 2015

GlobusSoft Interview questions

Globussoft came to my college exclusively. They were looking for coders and DMAs. The HRs will make you comfortable and also very understanding. Firstly there was an IQ and English test. Then there was a GD session and finally there was PI.
Interview Questions
  • What are the different parts of a project?  

1st round: Logical -50. all are image base. English- 2 parts 1st one has 50-60 Q (Fill in the blank type ) 2nd one has 30 Q (grammar ) Time 1hr 2nd Round : Technical : manual testing ques. and automation ques. 3rd Round: Hr.  

Process took a day 1 round: IQ TETS 2nd round: Bansic english online test 3rd roung: technical written, u have to write code for 3 questions out of 5. 4th round will be f2f technical.Then HR.


programming round they would ask real world scenario it

   would be pretty hard to crack


  1. I Already Cracked It B4 4 months . They Told Me They Will Contact Me... But They Never DId!!!!

  2. the same thing happened with me.. i was selected in globussoft, But after the result they didnot callled me