Friday, September 11, 2015

#YODLEE Placement Paper & Pattern Shared By Guy:- #Jyoti

Company : #YODLEE Placement Paper & Pattern Shared By Guy:- #Jyoti
Location : Bangalore .
My Interview experience with YODLEE Interview patterns and some of the question category and tips.
I attend interview in Yodlee in June month 2013. Yodlee is very good company. The required main thing is that we should be very good in Programming, Such as C, C++, OOPS Concept, Java. First 3 rounds will be written test only.
First Round:
1)Set of Aptitude question(10questions)
This section is easy not tough.
2)Set of Programming logic question belogs to C, C++, Java. Better learn Pointer concept, Array list, exception handling, and basic oops concept., it was good had a few Aptitude and Java questions.The Aptitude was a MCQ was a little difficult, but Java we were supposed to write the output of the programs, it was a little tricky…
Second and Third Round:
If you are cleared in First round then they will call you for second round.
The second round also written but you need to write programming based on their concept. Check the sample programs for OOPS concept.
If you complete that program then 3rd round this is also programming logic. You need to do program based on their logic.
Better practice general program like Prime number, Palindrome etc.
Eg. : Questions i faced .
1.What is use of serialVersionUID?
2.Immutable Class in java
3.What is the difference between static methods and instance methods?
4.What is difference between abstract class and interface?
5.Explain with example to describe when to use abstract class and interface?
6.How to sort list of strings – case insensitive?
7.How to make a List (ArrayList,Vector,LinkedList) read only?
8.What is difference between Error and Exception?
9.How to create custom Exception
10.What is difference between ClassNotFoundException and NoClassDefFoundError
Finaally ::I got selected _/\_ .One good news is in Yodlee afternoon lunch is free for Employee. Lunch is very good. So prepare well and attend interview well.
All the best!!


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