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*Note----- its enough to crack technical rounds of ny mnc's , just preprd on those questions
1...what is function???
2...what is pointer?
3...what is string??
4...what is structure?
5...what is union?
6...what is calloc?
7...what is malloc??
8...what is type def??
9...what is prototype??
10..diff bt call by value nd cl by reffrnce??
11..diff bt calloc nd malloc??
12...diff bt structure nd unioin???
13..diff btw ++*p nd *p++??
14...diff btw functio nd micro??
15...what is storage class in c?

1...leap yaer num
4...factorial (using recursion)
5...fibonaci without using third recursion nd using recursion
6...swap two num using thrd variable
7...swap two num using without thrd variable
8...reverse a num
9...reverse string
10..check pelindrome
11...double or selection sort
12...binary to decimal
13..decimal to binary
14.Write a program to check whether the given string is a palindrome.
15.Write a program to generate the Fibonacci series.
16.Write a program to print "Hello World" without using semicolon anywhere in the code.
17.Write a program to print a semicolon without using a semicolon anywhere in the code.
18.Write a program to compare two strings without using strcmp() function.
19.Write a program to concatenate two strings without using strcat() function.
20. Write a program to swap two numbers using bitwise operators.
21. Write a program to find the greatest of three numbers.
22. Write a program to find the greatest among ten numbers.
23. Write a program to check whether the given number is a prime.
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