Monday, September 14, 2015

‪#‎Esko_Graphics‬ Coding Round Shared By Placed Guys ------------------ c++ for 4 hours.

‪#‎Esko_Graphics‬ Coding Round Shared By Placed Guys
c++ for 4 hours.
There was a C++ problem which you have to design and write the solution, execute it and demonstrate the output with a given input file, on their machine. The solution was quite big and did take some time to write. I was not too impressed with this method. They claim that this test allows them to check the candidate's skill level in C++, but in reality the problem's solution is really simple and more emphasis is on the reading and writing with files using c++ file stream APIs. Clearly anyone who has prior knowledge of C++ file stream handling will be able to quickly solve this problem. Even if someone has good problem solving abilities but is unfamiliar with file handling APIs, they will get stuck if they are not familiar with the C++ file streams. This test doesn't necessarily test a candidate's strength in problem solving or algorithms or data structures. If you know c++ file handling calls, you will be able to quickly finish this task. Otherwise you are considered "unfit" for their job and will be rejected without doing even a technical interview. I hope they realize that coding skills can't be judged just on the basis of knowing some particular APIs like reading/writing from files. Usage of file handling APIs or some other concept is just a matter of a few days of practice, and doesn't indicate any coding or problem solving skills.
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  1. I guess, you 're unaware that the process and (C++) problem has been changed and improved.