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#‎AMITI‬ Software : Placement papers Shared by placed guys.

#‎AMITI‬ Software : Placement papers
Shared by placed guys..
1st round ;-
1.Given an array of ints, return true if the value 3 appears in the array exactly 3 times, and no 3's are next to each other.
2.Given an array of int shift one element by left ex input 2,3,4,5 output leftshift(3,4,5,2)
3.given a string return a string where for every char in the orginal string there are two char
ex input the output tthhee
4.given a string A and B return a string where mix of bothe string ex a=abc b=xyz output axbycz
5.write a java program to reverse a word ex this is india output india is this
Shared by placed guy :-
Profile : Java developer
1st round was written test, in which they asked 3 java programs and 10-15 java objective questions. for clearing that round you must have deep understanding of java concepts.
2nd round : After that if u cleared that round second round was f2f technical round, in which they asked about your project, technologies mention on your resume.
I think mostly they prefer experience or certified people or people who have knowledge on frameworks because
first time i went there i didn't clear that written round 'cause on resume i didn't mention any framework but my written test was good but second time i went there i cleared that round even though written test was not as good as first one but i mentioned frameworks on my resume.

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