Tuesday, September 29, 2015


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Hi All,
I just like to share My past one month experience.
I am a 3 years experience guy in Java and J2EE. From 23rd of Aug till 17th of Sept. I have attended 9 interviews. Out of 9 interviews, i could able to clear and got offers from 5 IT Companies.
These are the companies which i have attended.
1. TCS - 4 Rounds - got selected with good Salary
2. Thompson Reuters (Product base) - 5 Rounds - got selected
3. Tech Mahindra - 3 Rounds got selected
4. Reverie Technologies - 6 Rounds got selected. (Got Very Best Salary)
5 Amper Road - 4 Rounds - got selected with best Salary
6. Metric Stream(Product base) - 5 rounds - Rejected in last round - Director round
7. Zapcom - 3 Rounds - Rejected in last round - Vice-President round
8. Raremiles - 3 Rounds - Rejected in 2nd Round.
9. Mind Tree - Rejected.
I am teaching Java and J2EE Technologies on week ends. Many of the indian and Foreign students are attending the classes. One Sunday i was free. That day i simply went for TCS interview. Within same day, i had all the rounds and cleared all the rounds. Got good salary package. Then i thought of attending more interviews. Now going join good company out of these 5 companies, and going to attend more interviews.
I used to share my experience with the group. so that it will be encouraging and useful to others.
The Software companies are ready to pay what ever we are demanding. They are expecting Good hands on Programming skills, with Logical thinking, Self-confidence. and with Soft skills.
Even for Freshers also, you guys no need to worry about Job in IT Field. Concentrate on Programming, try to understand and learn it. Once if you are good in Coding, U will get good job. There are many start up companies looking for Freshers who are having good programming knowledge.
After some days i will try to share all the questions which are asked in all these companies.
Feel free to contact me for any help.
These are the Questions asked in the TCS on 23rd of Auguest 2015
1. What is immutable class ?
2. Can you write your own immutable class ?
3. Why String class is immutable?
4. What is the difference between String, StringBuffer, StringBuilder?
Which one is faster? Which one will give more performance?
Which are thread safe?
5. What is the use of instanceOf? Why we need that? where will you use it?
Can you write the program for that?
6. Difference between TreeSet & LinkedHashSet?
Which one is faster?
How both are works internally?
7. How many ways to create a thread?
(I said two ways, one is extending Thread Class & another one is implementing Runnable interface)
Which one is better way? Why? Justify?
8. How will you interate the Map? What are the ways are there to iterate the Map?
9. What is Serializable? Why we need that? Is that interface contains any methods?
10.What is difference between HttpServlet and GenericServlet?
11.Why HttpServlet is declared as abstract class?
12.In Servlet, where will you keep your business logic?
13.Do you need to override service() method, or doGet() method or doPost() method?
14.How will you maintain the User Session? What are the ways? Which one is better?
15.What is IoC and Dependent Injection? Why we need that?
15.What are the types of Bean Scopes are there in the Spring?
16.Why we need Hibernate? What are the advantages Hibernate has over JDBC?
17.What is the difference between save() and persist() method?
18.What is criteria? Why we need that? Can you write the program?
19.How will you read XML data into Java? What are the technologies are there?
Which one is better?
Try to answer. If you guys have doubts, we can discuss it.
I had HR Discussion. There itself i got the offer.

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