Wednesday, August 12, 2015

About Us

Hi everyone, it's a initiative ‪#‎Group‬ for you all, I am drafting this group to all of my friends to publish ‪#‎jobs‬/‪#‎vacancies‬/‪#‎opening‬/‪#‎fellowship‬/‪#‎internship‬, Idea. We want to make this group ‪#‎Biggest‬ and more‪#‎Helpful‬. 
So friends always try to keep your eyes on and raise your hands to help other's, those who are new in searching of job keep following ‪#‎MRA_JOB‬_SEEKERS group.
And for Any Inquiry Please contact on below details :
For Resume:
For contact Us:
Mob No:700035636
Website :
1. Always try to do add those who are unknown to this group.
2. And do share relevant news, placement papers, and your thoughts and query etc.
3. One more thing guys if you have any doubt then just keep your hands on for same, then only we will be able to do help as much as we can.


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