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wipro selection process

First of all wipro selection process contains four rounds. Here I would present in detail about each round of selection process.

1. Written test.
2. Group discussion.
3. TR interview.
4. HR interview.

Note:: generally wipro conducts group discussion first and then written test, but in our case it conducted written test first and then the Group discussion was held. And remember all rounds are elimination rounds.

The written test was held on 24th december 2014 at RK VALLEY CAMPUS.

1. Written test:

Written test consists of 4 sections. The written test was conducted by amcat. Each section had TIME LIMIT and there was NO NEGATIVE MARKING. And also You should Answer some minimum number of questions (whether right or wrong but you should attempt) in each section, otherwise your paper is not validated.

1. English verbal section (21 questions and 21 minutes) (should answer at-least 15 questions whether right or wrong).
2. Quantitative aptitude (16 questions and 16 minutes) (should answer at-least 10 questions).
3. Logical reasoning (14 questions and 14 minutes) (should answer at-least 10 questions).
4. Technical section (14 questions and 17 minutes) (should answer at-least 5 questions).

Note:: the minimum number of questions to answer in each section is not the cut-off of that section. Remember there would be individual cut-off for each section.

1. English section consists of correction of sentences, synonyms, antonyms, sentence completion, fill in the blanks with correct word,

And there were two long passages in the end (4 questions from each passage i.e, last 8 questions from passages only).

2. For the quant section be through with all R. S. Aggarwal topics. That is more than enough. But the main point to remember in this section is TIME MANAGEMENT.

You should be really fast in this section, otherwise time will not be sufficient and that too you have to answer minimum 10 questions.

3. This section is quite easy for everyone, just prepare in R S. Aggarwal topics like coding-decoding, syllogisms, number series, seating arrangement, Blood relations, direction sense test, odd one out etc. ,

4. Technical section is also easy. You should mainly focus on data structure topics like sorting algorithms and their time complexities, heaps, stacks, queues, Tree traversal, and some pseudo codes were given in C language which were very easy and you can solve them there itself. The cut-off for this Section is generally low.

Note:: The written test result mainly depends on how you perform in quantitative and english section, the remaining sections can be done by everyone,

So please do concentrate on those two sections.

2. Group discussion:

The students who got selected in written test were allowed for group discussion. We were divided into groups. Each group consisted of 15 students.

The group discussion is:

Very easy for those who can speak english fluently. But don't worry the hr's were very kind and encouraging, they make you feel comfortable.

If you open your mouth and speak something related to the topic voluntarily, you will get selected.

In our group 9 out of 15 got selected. In some groups all 15 got selected. In all groups, minimum 6 people got selected.

Some topics asked in the gd in our drive are::

Impact of western culture on Indians.

Will swacch bharat campaign succeed?

Indian education and foreign education.

Internet is boon or bane?


After group discussion, You have to fill up the wipro form given by hr's. And also you have to write an essay about the given topic in 10 minutes. The essay round is Not for elimination, but the essay will be checked by the hr in hr interview, So take care that you don't make any spelling and grammatical mistakes in it.

They will collect your resume, mark sheets (xerox copies) , essay paper and wipro application form and pin them together and send it to TR team.

Our Interview was held at Nuzvid campus on 11th january 2015.

3. Technical Interview:

Luckily the Technical Interviewer to me is the one who conducted my group discussion. I asked for permission while entering and wished her with a smile.

She easily recognized me as I was very active all throughout the group discussion. There was only one interviewer.

Me: Good afternoon ma'am.

Tr: Yeah, good afternoon, please have your seat.
Me: Thank you maam.

She went through my application form, resume and my mark sheets for a minute.

Tr: Tell me something about your mini project.
Me: Neatly explained her what all I did in my internship mini project.

Tr: Do you know C language.
Me: Yes maam.

Tr: What is printf and scanf in C?
Me: Told.  (such a simple question:) ).

Tr: What are %d, %f, %c in the above C statements.
Me: Told.

Tr: What happens if I write %0. 6f in the above statement.
Me: Told.

Tr: What else do you know in C language?
Me: Told her everything from fundamental data types, arrays, structures, functions, looping statements, conditional statements, linked lists and dynamic memory Allocation.  (Yes I'm quite good at C language).

Tr: Good, do you know java?
Me: No ma'am, I do not know java.

Tr: Do you know DBMS?
Me: Yes ma'am.

Tr: What is DBMS and why do we use it?
Me: Told.

Tr: What is the difference between primary key and unique key?
Me: Explained.

Tr: What is foreign key?
Me: Neatly explained with an example using two tables.

Tr: What is difference between analog signal and digital signal?
Me: Told.

Tr: Do you know about the bond period?
Me: Yes maam.

Tr: Can you relocate to any place in India?
Me: Yes ma'am (just say yes to this question when asked. ).

Tr: I'm done, Do you have any questions?
Me: I asked her about the training given.

Tr: She explained me about it.
Me: Thank you maam.

Tr: Ok, All the best.

If you had noticed, the Tr did not ask me anything about my core subjects, but to some of my friends the
 Tr asked about semiconductors, digital electronics and Communication part also. So go through your core 
subjects before the interview, at-least the basics.

Only some students were sent to hr round. It doesn't mean that those who did not go to hr round are eliminated. Some students who went to only tr also got selected.

4. Hr Interview:

Asked permission and entered the room.

Me: Good afternoon sir.

Hr: Good afternoon, have your seat.
Me: Thank you sir.

Hr: Did you have your lunch?
Me: Yes sir.

Hr: What did you have for lunch?
Me: Told.

Hr: Ok, I'll give you 1 minute and you should let me know everything about you.
Me: Told him about myself, my family background and my academics, my strengths and hobbies.

Hr: Why do you want to join software industry being from core branch ece?
Me: Told about my interest in programming, and how my analytical and communication skills would suit more to IT industry and try to be convincing.

Hr: What does your father do?
Me: Told.

Hr: What is your responsibility as a family member?
Me: Told.

Hr: Where do you want to see 2 years from now?
Me: Told.

Hr: To achieve that what do you think you have to do?
Me: Told.  (He was impressed at the answer given by me).

Hr: Well, I'm done, do you have anything to ask?
Me: No, thank you sir.

Hr: Ok, all the best.

Three days later the results were sent to our campus placement cell. And I was very happy to see my name on the list :).

All the best to all who are attending the wipro drive :).

Wipro Interview Experience - Kochi. June 30, 2015

1st round was online test.

Its very much easy if you have basic knowledge about English grammar, Maths and logistics.

It has 3 sections.


There is a timer when you start your session. Don't be panic. Its very easy if you commit confidently.

Almost 60% students passed from online test am one among them.

We were waited for 4 hours to attend the interview.

Atlast they called my name.

(I kept my shoes outside before enter inside).

Me: Good Evening Sir,

HR: Good Evening (Looking my toes to head) Where is your shoes?
ME: Kept Outside sir : ).

HR: Ok you can sit.
Me: Thank you Sir.

HR: Ok Sanjay, How was your day today?
Me: Very Good sir : ).

HR: Ohh why it is very Good?
Me: Because attending the interview of wipro.

HR: Please be louder I can't hear you.
Me: Sorry Sir, I m very happy today because for attending the interview of Wipro.

HR:  (he impressed) what was your topic given ?
Me: About the necessity to support ancient languages.

HR: Ok Tell me about that.
Me:  (Told).

HR: Ok what's your Course?
Me: Information Technology.

HR: Why do you choose it?

Me: From my childhood itself I like to be an IT professional and I like to play games, do works in computer etc. So my passion towards computer is the reason for choosing IT.

HR: OK Tell me about your family.
ME:  (Told).

HR: Tell me about your project done. Yes Human resource management system (after looking my resume).
Me:  (Told).

HR: Your other projects?
Me:  (told).

HR:  (He got very impressed) You have good marks in your SSLC and in degree what happened to Higher Secondary?
Me: Sir, I tried my level best. I was also suffered by a disease on that days.

HR: Ok Are you agree with our bond?
Me: Exactly sir.

HR: Are you willing to relocate?
Me: Definitely sir.

HR: Ok Any questions Sanjay?
Me: Nothing sir, But I would like to thank you sir, I m very much happy to have this interview. I m very lucky to attend this interview at my home town itself.

HR: Good. Welcome Sanjay hope to meet you soon.
Me: I'm also sir.

I was very confident and optimistic.

And I spoke with smile throughout the interview.

The result published after 1 week and my name was there in list.

It was one of most Happiest day in my life.

I want to say you that don't be nervous or panic. They will support you. Its not Mock interview. Just speak in english and wear a smile on your face till the end.

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