Sunday, July 12, 2015

Important Tips for Job Seekers

Hello 2014 Batch Members,
Each company will consider u as a freshers till may-june 2016
you are a 2014 batch guys so u hve lot of time, don’t worry you all guys will get job. But U hve to start to do work hard to get job .
You hve to think about this point where I am lacking . Neither Me nor your frnds know , where u r lacking , what is ur weak point , You are the only person who know well about urself.
I know you guys are doing well for jobs but still something is missing that’s why u r not getting , may be little more hard work is required for getting jobs
We are working hard from our childhood for a good life , we work hard in 10th , 12th & score a good % & then we work hard for our entrance exam of Engineering then after we get a engineering then again we work hard in our engineering , any how we did not get campus placements from college, I don’t think here so much of hard work is required.
1> Lot of companies will hire you :
• Infosys
• Tech Mahindra
• Amazon
• Capgemini
• Altisource
• Huawei
• Misys
• Huawei
• Centuary link
• Accenture (for sql support )
• Genpact
• SAP labs
• Tesco
• Symphony Teleca
Some tips for u related to about jobs seeking
1> While Sending resume to any company HR /Recruiter , they check only 2 things in ur resume
1. Percentage : your % should be minimum 60% in ur resume , if u don’t hve then make ur % as 60% in ur resume may be the consider ur % later after selection
2. Technology : you should mention all the technical skills in ur resume , no matter you that technology or not , when u get call letter for it , u can prepare for it .
2> Change your attitude : I have seen lot of people talk about the job- profile . they always talk I want to go in a specific profile like java or .net or testing . Plz don’t think like this , if u get link for another profile to apply then apply for it or u get call letter for another profile then plz go & attend it . when we get call letter then 1st round is written (apti , English , logical ) then mostly 2nd round on another day u have 10-12 hour time to prepare other technical skills. Guys u know u can prepare manual testing in 5 hour .
3> If someone is posting like this he got call the letter from this –this companies ,then ask her/him
o What is job id
o How he/she got the call letter
o Any links to apply
o Any HR id to send resume
4> You guys u should hve a good profile on linkedln because , when we try to connect with employee for the reference , then employee check ur profile on linkedln
5> You guys have lot of time to get job in ur dream. Till march 2016 , each company will allow u as a fresher.
If you guys are thinking to give elitmus and Amcat test then u can give, but u hve to get a good score in both exam (more than 80%ile ), then they will give you job calls , Because 2015 batch is about come so they prefer fresh batch that’s you u hve to get a good score.
You can take membership of Freshers world , as per my knowledge its good. While u r taking membership of Freshers world then upload a good resume
6> Try to study daily , try to make 30-40 questions of apti
Aptitude Important Topics :
Problems on Trains
Time and Work
Profit and Loss
Problems on Ages
Chain Rule
Alligation or Mixture
Stocks and Shares
Time and Distance
Simple Interest
Pipes and Cistern
Odd Man Out and Series
Height and Distance
Compound Interest
Volume and Surface Area
Problems on Numbers
Ratio and Proportion
Boats and Streams
For Technical u should Prepare :
C Programs
1.Wap for fibnocci series for n number :0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21….
2.wap(write a program ) to find out the highest number in given numbers
3.WAP to reverse the string using linked list
4. wap to remove the blanck space from the string without using built in function
5.WAP for 2^n like 2^3..(search on google u will get answer)
6. write a program to find out the sub string of a string without using built in function
7.wap for bubble sort, insertion sort, selection sort
8.write a recursive function to find the length of the of string
9. write a recursive function to find the factorial of a number
10 write a program to reverse the words of a staments
11. write a program to compare the strings
12. wap to count the characters in a string.
13 wap to remove the comment from a given program
14 WAP to remove comment lines .
15 WAP to reverse the string like i love india so output will be - india love i
16 WAP to find string is palindrom or not.
17 WAP to find the length of string.
18 WAP to find the number is power of 2 or not.
19 WAP for string comparision.
20 WAP of Bubble sort.
21 WAP to find the LCM nd GCD.
22 WAP to find the sum of digits in number like 245 so output will be 2 + 4 + 5 = 11
7> Data Structure Concept Like
• Array
• Queue
• Circular queue
• Sorting
• Searching
• File Handling
• Linkedlist
8> Opps Concept
9> Core Java Concept
10> SQL queries
Job seeking is the last stage of career , after that your dreams is going to full fill which u .so prepare well , do the hard work and get the job and enjoy ur life .
Note : Still you hve query feel free to ask
Thanks & Regards
Admin Team


  1. Sir ,you are saying make your percentage to 60 before applying to jobs ...but after the selection if there will be background check then what going to be happen?

  2. Sir ,you are saying make your percentage to 60 before applying to jobs ...but after the selection if there will be background check then what going to be happen?